Bag Yourself a Miracle Worker

Soda Crystals - bag yourself a miracle worker

How many different products does one home need to get the laundry cleaner, keep domestic appliances free of limescale and plugholes flowing freely? Not to mention stubborn grease on cookers and surfaces.

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is just one.

It’s something your granny would be familiar with – Soda Crystals or washing soda, a staple in the fight against household grime for over 150 years!

But just because Soda Crystals predate the myriad of cleaning products available today, their versatility, performance and incredible value for money shouldn’t be underestimated. And, if you visit your local Home Hardware they will show you just what this simple, natural cleansing agent can do to help keep your home fresh and sparkling, inside and out.

Dri-Pak Soda Crystals are made from Sodium Carbonate derived from minerals quarried in the UK. Unlike most modern cleaning products they contain no harmful chemicals, enzymes or phosphates and are totally bio-degradable.

Adding just a tablespoon of Soda Crystals to your wash can help to shift stubborn organic stains, giving a boost to your favourite laundry detergent. But pre-soaking tough stains in a strong solution of Soda Crystals before a normal wash means you can use your machine more efficiently on shorter cycles with less detergent, less water and less energy. Furthermore, adding Soda Crystals to every wash will help prevent a build-up of limescale that can affect the performance and life expectancy of washing machines.

If your bath, shower, sink or wash basin is slow draining it’s likely that the wastepipe has become blocked. A large mug of Soda Crystals tipped into the plug hole followed by some hot water will help dissolve the build-up making it easy to flush through, leaving your drains smelling fresh.

If fact, there’s only room here to cover a few of the many day-to-day household chores that can be made easier with Dri-Pak Soda Crystals. So get down to your local store and pick up a few handy tips even your granny didn’t know!

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