Avoid Sticky Moments - Jam Making Made Easy

Jam Making

We've been blessed with an abundance of succulent fruit in the garden this year, and local hedgerows are also brimming with ripened berries, so it’s time to make use of nature’s larder and make some home-made tasty jam. 

As with most forms of the culinary arts, there are a few items of equipment that will make light of the task in hand and secure your chances of success. Pop in to your local Home Hardware where you’ll find pans, jars, utensils and accessories that are invaluable not only for making jam but marmalades and chutneys too.

A good-quality preserving pan will always be better than any saucepan.  Manufactured from stainless steel with a wide flat bottom for even heat distribution (a key element in successful jam making) it will incorporate a carry and tipping handle and pouring lip to minimise the risk of hot spillages and wastage. Most preserving pans are suitable for use on solid plate (Aga-type) ranges as well as gas, halogen, ceramic and induction hobs, but do check with us when you buy to makes certain that the pan is right for your appliance. Never ever use aluminium pans for jam making. Acids in the fruit react with the metal and give your jam a tinny taste.

Temperature is everything. You need to cook jam quickly and evenly – hence the preserving pan, but you also need to know when it reaches its optimum setting point. So do invest in a jam thermometer to cut out the guesswork.

Airtight jars are vital for storing your jam and can easily be decorated with our range of labels and jam pot covers to create that home-made feel which is perfect when giving as a gift.

Jam is essentially three ingredients – fruit, sugar and water. The rest is down to alchemy and the proliferation of recipes you can find in all good cookbooks and on the web. With the right equipment you can make great use of nature’s bounty. So visit your local Home Hardware for a comprehensive range of jam making products and lots of good free advice.

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